Convert VHS Tapes to DVD

It can be heartbreaking when you play an old VHS home video and find that years of playback have degraded the image and sound quality. Preserve your precious VHS tapes by transferring them to DVD, which will provide durability and many years of enjoyment.

Benefits include:

  • Superior Video and Audio Quality: Digital Video offers sharper and more detailed imagery and audio, and will never degrade in quality no matter how many times you watch it!!
  • Lasts a Lifetime: Video tape’s magnetic data degrades over time from factors such as sunlight, moisture, and wear & tear. Digital video never degrades and DVD’s don’t wear and tear. DVD’s will last for generations!!!
  • Ease of Use: Instant video viewing, no rewinding, no fast forwarding, virtually indestructible.


Save those memories NOW all for only $10 per VHS. Discount offered for more than 10 VHS tapes.

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