Remote Backup

How much is your computer data worth?

The average business has $30,000 worth of computer data. And, we have found that many of them have little or no protection at all. To a business owner, your data is priceless. The loss of your data can put you out of business. In fact, according to Home Office Computing magazine, 30 percent of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year. Seventy percent fail within five years.

Modern data protection is an overwhelming sea of hardware & software. The status quo is patching one complex solution over another, leaving you to rely on only out-dated processes and updated buzz words. It’s the business outcome that matters: should anything go wrong, will your data be protected and how long will it take to recover?

At SCS we understand the toughest data protection challenges well enough to tackle them with simplicity and efficiency. So we designed an all in one solution for you.

• It’s hybrid, which means you recover from the fastest location: either onsite or from the cloud, giving you the best of both worlds
• It works, regardless of the business environment, it’s easily managed through the cloud
• It’s fast – data is backed up in minutes, instead of hours
• It’s powerful – you can recover anything, anywhere, anytime


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