Use check boxes to select multiple files in Windows

  • Microsoft Windows allows users to have checkboxes next to each of the files in Windows Explorer. This can make it easier and faster to select, copy, cut, and delete multiple files. Follow the below steps to enable this feature on your computer.
  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows Key + E.
  2. In Windows Explorer click Tools and then Folder Options.
  3. In Folder Options click the View tab.
  4. In the View tab, scroll down and check the “Use check boxes to select items” option.
  5. Click Apply and then Ok to save the change.
  • Once this option has been enabled, in Windows Explorer you’ll have the option to check each file or folder by moving your mouse to the left of the name and selecting the check box.

Bonus Tip: You can also press and hold the Ctrl key to select multiple files, without having to use checkboxes.

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